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  Type of Position:  Substitute Teacher


We appreciate your interest in employment opportunities with Southwest Allen County Schools. We are committed to employing candidates with outstanding knowledge, skills, and abilities that match our openings.

Completion of this application process takes approximately 60 minutes.  NOTE: Select "finish later" if you feel you will not be able to finish in the allotted time or you will be timed out and will need to begin again.  It is advised to save each page as you go and finish later.

Before you begin, you should have the following information readily available because you will be including it in your application: former employers and dates of employment, names and contact information of references - MUST HAVE 3 References. Please, No Relatives or Friends as References.

Application for Indiana Substitute Teacher's Permit: If you do not have a current Indiana Teacher's License, you will need to apply for a Substitute Teacher's Permit from the state after notice of conditional hire. Please complete the application online at and pay the required $15 fee. We will be notified by email when this is complete and will notify you at that time that you have successfully completed Southwest Allen County School's requirements and will be placed on our available substitute list. Upon receipt of your Substitute Teacher's Permit, a copy will need to be forwarded to the Human Resources department.

You must attach a resume on the file uploads page and a copy of your transcript... OR your resume and proof that you completed 60 credit hours.     *** We MUST have this on file to process your application ***

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